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Painting Croatia with Going Places Together



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September 8, 2019  Arrive Zagreb

On arrival in Zagreb make your way to the The Jaegerhorn 
Hotel in the very centre of town, just 50 meters from
the main square and its tram station. The hotel has
a terrace and a garden with steps going
up to the main square of the old town and
St. Marks church. A perfect location for your time
in Zagreb. 

Overnight: The Jaegerhorn Hotel


September 9, 2019  Zagreb
Workshop #1 


After breakfast join Anne-Laure for your first workshop day.
After lunch you are at leisure more time to sketch, or
people watching from the comfort of a local cafe. Visit a
museum or art gallery, Zagreb has many. 
Meals: breakfast 
The Jaegerhorn Hotel

NOTE: Each day join your group for a friendly critique.


September 10, 2019  Zagreb 
Workshop #2

Join Anne-Laure with paints and brushes and head out to capture more of Zagreb.
Anne-Laure will teach a half day workshop each non-travel day.

 Schedules for the following day will be announced each night at critique.

Meals: Breakfast
The Jaegerhorn Hotel, Zagreb 


                                                                         'The beach' Brela, Croatia


September 11, 2019 Zagreb - Brela
Travel day

Join your host and head to the bus station where you board a public bus for a 5-6 hour journey from Zagreb to Brela.  Travel south to the village of Brela on the Adriatic Sea. Mountians rise to the east, the sea faces off to the west, and Brela with its fine pebble beach, warren of steep narrow streets, and old stone houses becomes the principle setting of your artists holiday. 
Meals: breakfast
 Villa Vinka tourist apartment, Brela, Croatia

September 12, 2019 Brela
Workshop # 3


Rise early and enjoy a morning walk along the loveliest coastline in Dalmatia before joining your companions for your workshop with Anne-Laure.   
Each workshop will be en plein air as weather permits and each will be sensitive to your own comfort with this wonderful medium. Workshops are a quiet celebration of the colour and vibrancy of the region.

Each accommodation offers a kitchen where you may make or own meals or a stroll to the village and enjoy the restaurants of Brela. 
Meals: not included
Overnight: Villa Vinka, Brela, Croatia

                                                                                      'Narrow streets" Hvar, Croatia 

September 13, 2019  Island of Hvar by ferry
Workshop # 4

After an early breakfast you are off to Split where you board the local ferry for a  trip to the island of Hvar.  Anne-Laure will hold her workshop in this ancient island city. Spend the day on the island.
Meals: not included
Overnight: Villa Vinka, Brela, Croatia

September  14, 2019 Brela
Workshop # 5

Your workshop today will take place in Brela. 
Meals: not included
Overnight: Villa Vinka, Brela, Croatia 

                                                                         The Bridge 'Stari Most' Mostar, Bosnia 

September 15, 2019 Day trip to Mostar, Bosnia Workshop # 6

Today board your bus and head to the ancient city of Mostar in Bosnia. You will have time for your workshop and to enjoy the history of this ancient city.
Meals: not included
Overnight: Villa Vinka, Brela, Croatia

                                                    The Diocletian's Palace' Split, Croatia


September 16, 2019 Split  
Workshop # 7

Today your workshop will take place in Split. You will travel from Brela to Split by bus. Your workshop will be 
in and around the Diocletian's Palace considered to be 
one of the most imposing Roman ruins and certainly the 
main attraction of Split, Croatia.
Meals: not included
Overnight: Villa Vinka, Brela, Croatia

September  17, 2019 Brela
Workshop # 8

Your last workshop this trip is in Brela. Your afternoon is at leisure, time to enjoy the Adriatic, relax on the beach, stroll in town and watching sun set from of your hotel. Join everyone for critique!
Meals: not included 
Overnight: Villa Vinka, Brela

September 18, 2019 Time to depart

All too soon it is time to say goodbye to your workshop friends and Anne-Laure.  Continue your private journey of Croatia or return to Zagreb and your journey home.

Consider joining Anne-Laure for her next adventure when she returns to India to discover the South. 












                                                                                                watercolour by Anne-Laure Jacquart


Painting Croatia
Anne-Laure Jacquart

September 8-18, 2019 

Charming village markets and medieval cityscapes, pristine lakes, rolling hills, densely wooded forests, Zagreb, Split, Hvar, Mostar, Brela and the Adriatic Sea, Artist guided workshops and unique local tours, a creative holiday for a creative world.



Anne-Laure Jacquart
Start Date:
End Date:

September 8, 2019
September 18, 2019





Workshop Participants:
$1900.00 USD | Shared Twin

$409.00 USD | Single Supplement
$500.00 USD | Deposit per person

Non-workshop Companions:
$1600.00 USD | Shared Twin

All pricing in US Dollars
All pricing subject to change

Group Size:


10 - 12
It is official we are are go!

2 places left for workshop participants

International Air:
Quote available upon request

                                                                   Anne-Laure Jacquart by the Seine in Paris

Anne-Laure Jacquart is a French artist, watercolor Artist, Urban sketcher and Photographer. She sees the world with a poet’s eye and reimagines every scene with vibrant colour and innovative technique.  

While celebrated for her compelling work in expressive photography - her books translated into a number of languages - Anne-Laure’s work in watercolour reveals a playful spirit and a commitment to exploration that never stops inspiring those who follow her work on line. She offers weekly on her 
YouTube channel. "Following the White Rabbit", Watercolour Demos and Tutorials, along with videos about Creativity, Inspriation and Sketchbook practice. She also shares her art on Instagram (@AnneLaureWatercolor) and Facebook

After workshops in North India and Brittany, France with Going Places Together, Anne-Laure is excited to join us once again to take her next workshop to Croatia. 

Greetings from Anne-Laure Jacquart

This is an invitation to loosen up and express your painterly self in a brand new way!!  What would you think about improving your watercolor technique while having more and more fun with it?!!

The trip will be for you an opportunity to grow as an artist while creating a wonderful watercolor travel journal full of evocative spontaneous sketches and colorful paintings, a perfect record for this unforgettable South Europe adventure!

During the workshop sessions, I will share with you my tips and techniques to catch a subject or scene in a quick impromptu way, demonstrating them as I go through warm up exploratory studies, watercolour sketches and more refind demos. We will work on capturing their essence through light, colors, edges and pigment playing. Here are a few techniques you will work on during the workshop: spontaneous brushwork, negative painting, alternating painting on dry paper and wet on wet, simplifying values, washes and pigment consistency, calligraphic marks and strokes, splatters, silhouettes shapes, color harmony and more! :) You will learn to apply all of these techniques to the diversity of subjects that make a great travel journal: landscapes, architecture and street scenes but also food, plants, people, objects and details of all kind.

I will be really excited to have you in the group and to spend these unforgettable moments travelling and painting with you! Art, cheerfulness, friendship and experiencing the world. What else?!! :) Looking forward to meeting you, creative bag across the shoulder, brush in hand and inspiration to the full!"



Pricing includes the following:

Watercolour instructor Anne-Laure Jacquart 
Going Places Together Tour Leader throughout
Workshops as per itinerary 
Accommodation as per itinerary
Public bus Zagreb to Brela return
Ferry to Hvar / Day trip to Hvar
Day trip to Mostar Bosnia
Day trip to Split
Meals as indicated on itinerary

Pricing does not include the following:

International Airfare (Available upon Request)
Arrival and departure transfers
Passport and visa costs
Travel insurance (recommended)
Personal expenditure including drinks,
Laundry, room services, meals and gratuities





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